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After shooting tons of engagement locations around California and visiting many potential locations we've dreamt of shooting, we figured it would be an awesome idea to compile the most epic places we’ve visited into a top-five list.


What's California without the beautiful stretch of the Sierra Nevada mountains? While this whole mountain range offers gorgeous scenery we figured it would help to weed out the gnarly and inaccessible. The California classic photo or movie scene has one very important thing that is super easy to take for granted on your daily commute. The solid yellow line, the line that led Forest Gump across the US to some interesting places on his never-ending run. Below are the coordinates for an epic mountain backdrop photoshoot location. Yes, you’ll have to position yourself in the middle of the road, but cars are scarce on this one. Punch in the geographic coordinates below into the ol' GPS and let those eco batteries whine.

N 37° 40' 59.4372" W 118° 46' 24.4272"


It's quite easy to overlook one of the most popular coastlines in California, mainly because it's well, super popular and heavily trafficked. But if you know when and where to go you can end up with dreamy photos without an audience judging your every pose. El Matador is among the most beautiful beaches in California but is also overrun with tourists and other photographers all fighting to get an epic sunset photo through the arch (no photographers were harmed in the photo taken above). The majority of the Malibu coastline offers beautiful sandstone rock formations where arches, caves, and private coves can be found in abundance. Below are the coordinates to my go-to beach, Leo Carrillo St Beach. This beach has fewer crowds than El Matador. The best days are Monday-Thursday around sunset.

34.044014, -118.938155


A first glance of the photo above has actually led to some pretty interesting comments on this epic photo of the Glamis Sand Dunes: "this must be in Dubai" or "I didn't know you guys did engagement shoots in the Sahara". Btw if anyone reading this wants to get engaged anywhere in Africa, let's do it! Lo and behold the Sahara of California, located about 3 hours east of San Diego is one of the largest stretches of sand dunes in California. Temperatures here often don't drop below the triple digits which makes shooting a sweaty endeavor but it's by far one of my favorite locations. I have some epic ideas for a sunset/night shoot with spotlights and long exposures if any couple wants to get super Aladdin creative.

32.983836, -115.122177


Highway 1 in California is probably one of the most iconic roads in all of California. Not only is it a beautiful drive but the entire coastline boasts some of the most beautiful cliffs side views on the west coast. It's also famous for its vast amount of marine life diversity. Big Sur is a brilliant spectacle of undisturbed coastline that Californians hold dear to their hearts. For us, it's one of those places that we've been dying to use as an engagement shoot location. We've had the chance to shoot some great weddings in Big Sur, but we can't wait to shoot our first engagement shoot.

36.371475, -121.902145


Without further ado, the number most popular location to have an engagement shoot, Yosemite National Park. Yes, we understand that there's a running trend in the locations where we choose to photograph couples. We hold these locations close to our hearts because we love tying the knot between nature and love stories. Most of these locations need little explanation as their reputations definitely proceed them, Yosemite is one of those places where if you haven't seen it in person it just blows you away no matter how many times you've seen photographs of it. For us, it's one more location we've yet to photograph but we've spent countless hours climbing the beautiful granite walls that Yosemite has to offer. So whether you'd like to hang from the top of El cap and have us snap a few photos as you do the king's swing or just wanted some beautiful photos in the meadow below, we've got you covered.

37.755023, -119.597242



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