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The art form of Photography has been my passion since I got my first Fuji camera in the early 2000's, though I believe my eye for fine photography was bestowed upon me by my wonderful grandmother who during my childhood spent a multitude of hours teaching concepts like composition, lighting and perspective. Though these skills were achieved and nurtured with a paint brush they led to my studies in fine art and a career in nature and documentary style photography. Capturing stunning portraits and stills of beautiful landscapes started as my sole forte, photography then matured as a craft thats accompanied me around the globe. 

The sense of awe that follows when my finger leaves the shutter release button is due to my fascination with creating stunning art and because of the fact that I'm a huge technology geek. But meeting and developing lasting memories for couples celebrating their love is the reason that being a wedding photographer brings a smile to my face. I aim to help couples preserve their story of love by effectively challenging the mortality of the most import moments of their lives.





The path to become a professional photographer was not an obvious one for me. I’ve always been fascinated by photography, but never dreamed that path was within reach for me. I was studying to be an engineer in sustainable energy and started working at a consultancy firm right after university. But when Quanti and I decided to move back to California from my hometown in Sweden, I had to rethink my career path, and I’ve never looked back.


I love taking everyday moments and turning them into art. The feeling of creating lasting memories for couples to enjoy and look back at for the rest of their lives is unlike any other. When I am not out taking photos, I spend my time rock climbing, surfing, and hiking with our pup, Naya. 

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